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  "Singing a song of love in your own heart reverberates in the hearts of others." Linda L. Chappo

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together and create a circle of safety where they may experience new perceptions leading to transformation and inner peace. We celebrate cultural diversity while integrating love, respect and the awareness of spiritual oneness.

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bulletMeet Linda Chappo at the Feb. 26-28, 2011 - A Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco, CA. "Listen, Learn and Do."
bulletMeet Linda Chappo on April 15th, 2012 when she speaks at The Community Miracles Center, San Francisco, CA
bulletBlog - Not in service at this time. Please check back.

Web Content - 4 articles written by Linda for your personal & spiritual growth. (A new article is posted on 4/26/2012.)

Sex Love and the City: Remembering how "Love is the Answer"

NEW! Marry Yourself First "Healers Wheel" (please scroll down)

bulletServices - Marry Your Self First Celebrations, Spiritual Counseling, Personal Growth, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Wedding Officiant Services, Home & Business Blessings, Weight Reduction Groups and A Course in Miracles Study Groups.
bulletBooks - We have two products for sale at this time. We're happy to announce Linda's new book entitled: Marry Your Self First: Your Key to Manifesting Loving Relationships. ("Not to be confused with any other book by the same title. This title/subtitle is exclusive to this author, Linda L. Chappo since 2002.") Please check back for additional products. The Marry Your Self First book is now available as an "ebook" for Kindle on Download it today!
bulletSee the Marry Your Self First 40-day Journal which is the 40-Day Self-Discovery Program: Awaken the Love Within!.


Marry Your Self First

Your Key to Manifesting Loving Relationships

Affirmations, Ceremonies,
Discovery Tools, Prayers and Visualizations.
A 40-Day Program to Awaken the Love Within

Price: $14.95 + $4.00 S&H + $1.27 CA sales tax
Call 510.524.6014 Pacific time
Visa, MasterCard, Discovery accepted
(Available as an ebook from and

(You can also order safely online from the Community Miracles Center)


Does the Formula for True Love
also Work for Self-love?

Are you suffering through your single life, fearing that true love will never come along? Discover solutions for loneliness by using a proven formula for increasing feelings of self-worth and self-love. Learn how to apply this formula to yourself first, before you offer it to another.

Are you newly divorced or in the midst of a relationship breakup? Do you feel as though you've abandoned your goals and dreams for someone else's? Do you want your life back, a life filled with authentic and balanced relationships? Step forward into a more fulfilling, harmonious and honest life.

Let your relationship with Spirit guide you to your ultimate happiness. Join the ranks of the miracle-minded and express love more fully than ever before. This holistically centered book, which uses many healing ideas from A Course in Miracles is for anyone who has an open mind and heart. Linda takes you through a series of revealing exercises and a 40-day program to awaken the love within. Discover the essence of who you are and how to attract more love into your life.

You'll find a true story of how one woman empowered and healed herself through self-marriage.

Note: In order to assure that you Awaken the Love Within, this book includes self-discovery exercises in each chapter to help you gain clarity on what you need to be happy. You'll find prayers to bring about the love you desire. There are visualizations and affirmations for healing, and an opportunity to write your own personal vows for living happily ever after. Also included is a personal self-marriage wedding ceremony. You can have a private ceremony or share it with friends. The back of the book includes a self-marriage certificate. To help you continue the program and achieve more joy and inner peace, you will find a 40-day program guiding you to use your affirmations on a daily basis for long-term happiness. Marry Your Self First: Your Key to Manifesting Loving Relationships  is a "must have" for anyone struggling with the challenges of single life, self-loathing or disempowerment.

Hear what they are saying about "Marry Your Self First."

"Linda Chappo expertly combines the practical with the profound in her book Marry Your Self First. Drawing from the spiritual source A Course in Miracles, Linda confidently instructs readers, through numerous exercises, how to increase the love and intimacy in their primary relationship, the one they have with themselves. As readers go through this book they will find they are falling in love again, and the object of their affection will be the one person in all the world they will always be with." 
Rev. Tony Ponticello - author of After Enlightenment

Inspirational Articles

This link will take you to various articles written by Linda Chappo, for your personal growth enjoyment:

Marry Your Self First interview

Inspirational Articles (4)

1. "Five Quick Tips for Leading the Inspired Life"
2. "Laughing Your Way to Heaven/Happiness"
3. "Choosing Independence"
4. "Sex Love and the City: Remembering How Love is the Answer"

Living by Spirit, the first chapter from Women's Spirit Awakening by Tom Marcoux, Linda L. Chappo and invited authors

The Marry Yourself First Healer's Wheel   (copyright 2012)

The NEW Marry Yourself First Healer's Wheel. These affirmations are designed to help you with right-minded thinking. Note the 8 different areas that pertain to the ideas in the Marry Yourself First book.

The Healer's Wheel is based on a scale of zero to five, with zero being the least balanced (center of circle) and five being the most balanced (outer perimeter of circle). For example: If you are average (2-3) in Letting go of the Past, you would draw a line through that mental aspect to discover if you are more or less balanced. When you are doing really well in all areas, your lines would be around the perimeter of the circle. Note how you have improved over the course of a month or a year.

Feel free to email me at and I will email you a pdf copy of the wheel for your daily or weekly use.


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